day 7/8 - Sat/Sun

Family weekend, that means everybody enjoys activities the host families plan wit them. As far as known  there are lots of beach activities, sailing, visiting movie sights from `Home alone´ (Kevin allein zuhaus), 
getting a pilot´s license in a flight simulator at Science Museum, a day at 6 flags/Great America amusement park, attending sports events the host sisters and brothers have, barbecues, fancy food places, joining family events and many more.

day 9 - Mon

Back to school. Telgte students have their second day at WJHS and HMS, as they already know the schedule there is no new subject today. The American way of life has been absorbed and everybody finds ways easily and almost always alone. As usual school starts with homeroom at 8:20 and the first period starts at 8:40, HMS starts about 30min later. During homeroom the German group meets and students exchange weekend experiences, everybody is okay and reports of what they have done.
For first period the American partners meet the German partners in the cafetéria and then school starts for all. School ends at 3:10pm (HMS 30min later) and all go home with their partners.

day 10 - Tue

All the Germans meet at WJHS with their bikes. We have an extended homeroom in the library where everybody works at their Wilmette scrapbook which is a record and hopefully a nice memory of the time here in Wilmette. As expected a few have forgotten their Scrapbooks - the points go to the teachers who guessed that right before;)
Some have already filled in day reports, information about school and host family and have collected a few souvenirs. Others don´t even know when they arrived - well, time to memorize all the wonderful things we have experienced here.
With the weather becoming better during the day, we bike to a shopping mall first and have time for about 90min of `power shopping´. Then we head towards the beach, have a picnic there, enjoy cold Lake Michigan with and without changing clothes and then head back to school for the volleyball match of teachers vs. students. That makes about a total of 90min biking which is a good job - and meanwhile Wilmette citizens seem to become familiar with us, biking everywhere with a group of 28! 
Follow up and get on your bikes!
The game is a fun school activity and during halftime some teachers get a pie (Teller mit Schlagsahne) in their face for charity. Students will explain what that is about in their scrapbooks…
Some of our girls join an international student team (Inga, Carlotta, Janne, Ayleen) and even win against the teachers - bravo!
An exhausting and beautiful day ends - more school tomorrow on Wednesday.

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