day 11 - Wed

It´s the last day at school today. We´ll be at school tomorrow, but only to wait for the bus to the airport.
So this Wednesday all students join their partners´ classes as they did on Monday.
In German class Frau Kaminsky plans to makes the German students take part in the activities, as she did in the last lessons, so that the American students can profit from this.
After school everybody prepacks the luggage and then all show up for the farewell party at the Brown´s house. They live very close to a little park that offers space for any kind of activity. All families contribute to the food buffet and hamburgers and hotdogs are grilled. 
There are little speeches to say thanks to Frau Kaminsky, Herr Rolf, Frau Bachmeyer, Frau Rösner, and to all the host families that have made this exchange possible. All students and host families give only positive feedback and hope to have a younger child on the trip to Germany next year. At about 8:30 the last guests leave and suitcases will be packed.
(a little correction about the volleyball team yesterday, it was of course, Nelly, Inga, Carlotta, Ayleen - sorry for this)


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