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The Film Festival Telgte: An event to improve intercultural understanding

The Film Festival Telgte: An event to improve intercultural understanding
„We are very happy to welcome you all to our very first festival“, opens Juls Litzke, the festivals president, his introductory speech. The audience, consisting of students of the advanced English course by Karsten Rossien, pays special attention to what Litzke says, because they know this event has a serious background. 

„Nowadays, a lot of people critcize Muslims for their belief. After various attacks performed by religious extremists, Muslims feel like they would need to forget about their religion and all their traditions to be accepted in western countries“, describes Litzke the problem.

To face this challenge of intercultural understanding and to stop conflicts between various religious groups the “film festival Telgte“ has been established.

In a final step Litzke honors the hard work behind this festival and then asks the first presenters to come on stage.

The first „skill presentation team“, as Litzke describes the presenters, consists of Lena Mücher and Mariela Vennefrohne. Motivated and with a smile on their lips they introduced the film „East is East“ to their audience.
This comedy-drama deals with the Pakistani George Khan expecting his family to follow his strict religious ways. But his children, with an English mother and having been born and brought up in Britain, increasingly see themselves as British and start to reject their father's rules on dress, food, religion, and living in general.

Thunderous applause from the audience, because of the great presentation, was then followed by a short break.

Afterwards the classroom was full of silence again when the next presentation team started. Lisa Thünemann und Marie Utendrup presented “Ae fond kiss“, also known as “Just a Kiss“.
Like the previous film this movie faces the problem of intercultural misunderstanding and the arranged marriage.The film explores the complications which ensue when second-generation Scottish Pakistani Muslim Casim and the the Catholic Roisin from Ireland fall in love.

The two presentations will be followed over the next days by further skill presentation teams and their films (“Bend it Like Beckham“, “My Beautiful Laundrette“). The festival will be continued this Friday, 17th of April.

And as well president Litzke is happy about how things were going at the festival`s first day and is "looking forward to more exciting and informative movies to stop intercultural discrimination and to sensitise to this topic“

Interested people are welcomed to join the event. Further reporting will follow.

Paulina Rose und Johanna Homann

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