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American way of life

American way of life
Im Englischunterricht der 8c wurden die Themen American High School und American teens behandelt. Als Experten für das Thema wurde Leopold Merz aus der EF eingeladen, um die vielen Fragen der Schülerinnen und Schüler zu beantworten. Er hatte das letzte Schuljahr an einer amerikanischen High School verbracht.

Interviews with Leopold
Hey guys out there! I'm one of the students from 8th grade and we have got some news for the Merian Magazin.You may ask yourself: " Why I'm reading news in English?" Because you will need it if you want to go to the US. Probably you will ask again: "Why should I go to America? That's really unrealistic!"
Be sure, it's not.Here at the MSMG you have even two possibilities to spend a whole year in the amazing country. Leopold did exactly that. We had the chance to get an interview with him. He took the option to fly into the United States with a project of the Rotary.
With just one suitcase he started his trip. We were surprised: few clothes for a year! That's really not much! But after this, he told us, he came back with two extra bags. Since then we were interested, too. So, what was going on? You have to know: rotary give you 120 € a week to buy all the other stuff you need there. 120 box isn't a bad budget. Leopold explained, every 3 months he changed his host family. That's how you get a lot of social contacts. What the expert said about american fast food? Maybe about burgers? "Wonderful", he told us with a smile...
A burger is okay if you run eight miles every morning before school starts and go mountain biking in the evening. Yes, he is a sporty guy. And in school he noticed: on their certificate they don't have numbers like us, they've got letters from A to F. If you can go into the next grade decide your prozents: (for example) an A gives 90%, a B 80%,.....
With enough prozents you can go on. Leopold just had one big break for lunch. "The lunch was aweful", he said. That's why he took his lunch from home. "I had a locker, too, but I didn't use it." Leopold explained us the trouble in the little brakes between different lessons. "Everyone wants to his locker, to an other building, to an other floor, to an other classroom!" A time when he could relax was being the german-teacher assistant in 6th. After the long school you have afternoon activities. Leopold was with the athletics of course. Or you wacht your schools football team. He had seen every game, he told us a bit proud. He likes american sports, if you know, what's going on. But his favorite sport is baseball. Leopold lived near Pennsylvania. He visited New York once. But what's the craziest thing in big american cities? It's cold in the summer! Yes, that sounds stupid. Anyway, the US is the country of air-conditioning. They are so strong, that sometimes you want to have an extra jacket inside. One negative thing in the US? A lot of towns do not have public transportations. "It's a journey worth", he told us at the end.

Thank you Leopold. Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoyed! If you want more news like this, let us know into the comments!

Jannis Post

On Tuesday, 02.10.2018, we, the class 8c, had visit from the 17-year-old Leopold Merz. He answered many of our questions about the student exchange, because he took part in the exchange 2017-2018.

Leopold told us that the school time is every day from 7:55 a.m. till 15:00 p.m. Besides the students from America get marks in percentage. On his school were 3.000 other pupils. He´s got a lot of new friends. In America you have the same timetable every day. Leopold played baseball or did athletics after school. He didn`t like the food from the cafeteria.

When the lessons begin all students must stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Also he told us that he had 120$ available every month. During his stay in Philadelphia he was in three guest families.

I`m sure, it was an exciting year for him.

Linda Niermann

Bilder: Sophie Schams

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